With the 2023 provincial budget being announced last week, Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown wished he saw more in it for Airdrie.

"I think from an Alberta perspective, it's a solid budget. They've invested in health care and in policing and education; which is what the premier in the routine of cabinet ministers was pushing for, and that's what they delivered. As far as an Airdrie perspective, we certainly didn't get what we needed."

A city that is growing as much as Airdrie which is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada needs a lot more support than what was received, explained Brown.

"When you look at the investments in health care in other municipalities, they're [the province] is putting tens of millions of dollars if not more into those communities and yet Airdrie is just sort of squeaking by and we're expected to go to Calgary for our services and that can't continue."

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The Mayor did mention some good news as the Minister of Finance Travis Toews made the commitment last Friday that he will come and tour Airdrie. Brown hopes the Minister of Transportation Devin Dreeshen and Minister of Infrastructure Nathan Neudorf will also join the tour.

According to Brown, Airdrie has received some support for affordable housing, just not sure how much as of yet.

One thing the mayor pointed out is that the province is advocating for Canadians all over Canada to come to Alberta and that includes Airdrie. When they move here, they are looking for certain amenities, and without the support of the province, some of those amenities can't be met.

"The Office of the Premier and the ministers got all of our needs. And unfortunately, we didn't see a lot of support and we're not understanding why no one's really explained it."

Brown would like to see some changes made so that he can see what each municipality gets funding-wise in the budget.

"I want to know what each municipality gets for education, healthcare, and municipal support. [It[ should be an easy number."

When it comes to schools in Airdrie, he is happy to see the city get some attention, although it is not enough.

"No one's come here to see that the schools are overflowing. We have more kids than classes. We need to do something on a temporary basis to alleviate some of the pressure that's been created."   

Up next on Brown's agenda is to meet with the MLAs and Ministers to have a full and frank discussion.

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