The artistic visions of 28 students from Bert Church High School have come to life with a magnificent splash of colour in a mural painting that is currently being finished in collaboration with local artist Scott Clark. 

Lisa Tschritter, the art teacher at the high school, who has taught art for over a decade said that the second-floor art room has a courtyard and one of the walls  - a brick wall was looking a bit drab and dull. For years there were discussions on what could be done to liven up the space and the answer was found when she had seen Clark's work at a fair in Calgary. 

"I really liked that he was collaborative and I really liked his aesthetic," she said.

After getting the go-ahead from the school's principal, she found 28 art students who were ready to bring their visions to life and ready to use the brick wall as their giant canvas. 

"I took those ideas in a cohesive design. I tell the students that there are no mistakes in painting," Clark said. "It's a fluid process."

One of the ideas that Clark grabbed a hold of was when a student mentioned in their brainstorming that everyone creates their own paths.

"There's a lot of imagery where there are pathways and that was really interesting. There were a lot of overlaying ideas; flowers, mushrooms, foliage, all those kinds of things; I put some big shapes for design elements in there," he added. 

The students have been coming in over the weekends and after school to work in teams on the project during the month of May, and Tschritter said that it is quite wonderful to see the students so immersed in their work. 

A student from Bert Church High School is seen working hard on a mural painting in the school. (Photo provided by Scott Clark)A student from Bert Church High School is seen working hard on a mural painting in the school. (Photo provided by Scott Clark)

She also said that for the graduating students in Grade 12, this will be a legacy piece, something they will leave behind for future students to enjoy and admire.

"I think they were excited that they were given this opportunity. They can be more free and just have fun learning this kind of urban art style," Tschritter said. 

But it's not just the art students from Bert Church that are excited about how the mural is coming together. The student body as a whole is looking forward to seeing their classmates' creativity displayed in the school as well.

As for Clark, he said that he is never surprised at the depth of talent young artists have.

"It's looking really beautiful; giving room for collaboration and to make that time together - I'm really pleased with it."

Tschritter also agreed, saying that she is proud of all her students, underlining that this piece demonstrates their love of art. Once the mural is complete she hopes that the space will be utilized frequently, including having tables set up and perhaps having art classes outside when weather permits. 

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