Airdrie’s Health Foundation is very pleased with what Airdrie’s Urgent Care has received from the provincial government, but they are still looking for more. 

Michelle Bates, the Executive Director of the Airdrie Health Foundation outlines all of the changes that AHS has made with Airdrie’s Urgent Care. 

“They're getting more staff, the physician positions; there had been some vacancies. It looks like they have got some new graduates that can come in and work more shifts, which gives a better opportunity for everyone at the center. Shifts will now be covered in full from our understanding, as well just over a million dollars was also given.” 

According to Bates, Airdrie does not see much funding in terms of health care. 

“When the Urgent Care [centre] originally opened 24/7, they didn't receive extra funding. So, this extra funding will go towards those physicians, as well as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and I think Licensed Practitioners. They will be able to increase their triage space in the near future, which will cut down on wait times. Then they will also be put on a fast track; I believe that's three beds for some of the minor injuries that can be seen much quicker.” 

Bates went on to talk about how it feels to be heard by the provincial government for the call for help. 

“I think that we have felt that we've been heard more than what other people might feel because we see a lot of the stuff going on behind the scenes. It's really great to see things move forward, and it's really great to then see even bigger things like the million dollars that's being put into extra funding.” 

Bates finished off by talking about what they are advocating for next. 

“Airdrie Community Health Center is too small of a building. So ideally, we would have a new facility of some sort, or renovations done in such a way that maybe clinics move out into another area to expand other existing clinics within the center and stuff like that. So, anything that they can do like increase space, increase equipment, increase education, all of those things. We see that happening, and we'll keep pushing for that.” 

Airdrie Health Foundation's largest fundraiser of the year is coming up soon, to purchase tickets, check out their website

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