Airdronian Robert Lasebnik has signed with the University of Calgary Dinos as a kicker/punter.

The now-former George McDougall Mustang is more than excited to join the Dinos.

"It's so exciting because it's what I've wanted to do for a long time. Whatever sport it was, I want to go to the next level."

Lasebnik who is originally from Toronto moved to Airdrie at a very young age and has been playing soccer for 14 years, and when the opportunity to switch sports to football came up in his senior year, he took it.

"I saw everyone around me on my team, every coach, every player, they all were striving to become the best, and that motivated me. It was my job to be the kicker and I wanted to be the best I can be and help them win."

Lasebnik would watch professional kickers practice techniques and take videos of himself just to see those little things to get better every day.

"I was supported by a ton of coaches, especially my head coach Chris Glass, and they showed me the ways of how I can go about my career."

According to Lasebnik, his coaches would explain to him saying they could see him going to the next level of football and that kept him motivated.

Spring training camp for the Dinos starts around April, but Lasebnik is excited to get to work as he is already taking part in team workouts.

"I'll also be individually working with the kickers right now and the coaches and getting myself more familiarized with what they expect from us, and what they want to see. It's exciting, it's gonna be stressful, a lot of work to do, but I'm excited for all that to come."

When asked about what made him want to join the Dinos, Lasebnik talked about how they are usually a powerhouse squad in U-Sports and are very ambitious.

"They really want to get better and to be a part of that situation and be a part of a rebuild, it's exciting."

For now, Lasebnik is going to the university for an open study in arts but does hope down the line to transfer into business commerce.

Becoming a professional football player is Lasebnik's end goal.

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