The Airdrie Food Bank will be receiving $60,000 from the provincial government to help offset rising costs.

Last week, the Alberta government said it will provide $10 million to help these groups provide nutritious food during a time when prices keep going up across Alberta.

Through this funding, $3.7 million is going to food banks this month. $4.1 million will be allocated through food security grants. Food Banks Alberta will also receive $2.2 million to develop a program to coordinate the needs of food banks and related operators during emergency needs such as natural disasters.

Last year, the Airdrie Food Bank also received $60,000 from the province to help offset costs.

Lori McRitchie, the Executive Director of the Airdrie Food Bank stated this will help them out greatly.

"This is a great announcement for us as it will go a long way to help us purchase the food items that we need, that will carry us through into the spring."

According to McRitchie, the government of Alberta has provided some guidelines for what this money can be used for, and that's direct client support.

"The Airdrie Food Bank receives 85 per cent of its funding strictly through community donations and 15 per cent comes through any kind of government support."

McRitchie finished off by saying the food bank is being accessed by Airdronians in need. This being 55 per cent more, compared to last year.

"We appreciate the support of the community to be able to continue to meet the needs of our families here in Airdrie. We couldn't do what we do without our community helping us out.

This week from November 13-19, Airdronians can help out with the Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie campaign that is taking place, with 50 per cent of the funds raised going towards the Airdrie Food Bank.

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