With schools back in session, Airdrie’s Food Bank programs are also back in the classrooms. 

Christine Taylor, Marketing Communication Manager for the Airdrie Food Bank explains a little bit about all of their programs. 

“We have our R.J. Hawkey Elementary School breakfast program, and we serve over 25 kids each day. We also have our lunch program at five local schools. Last year, we did 9000 lunches. Then for all of our 32 schools in Airdrie, we also provided 20,000 snacks last year.” 

Most of the snack kits the food bank provides could contain crackers and cheese, tuna, cracker kits, granola bars and fruit cups. 

According to Taylor, the need is definitely there when families are facing back-to-school expenses and fees. 

“Of course, there's the increase in lunch-type foods, whereas if you're home, it's easier to put together something but you need something that's safe for school; no nuts, that kind of thing and healthy. We try to fill in the gap wherever we can.” 

With all these programs starting up, Taylor explained a lot of their funds have to go towards these programs and that donations are a big factor in making sure these programs run. 

“44 per cent of our clients are children, and we are 12 per cent higher than the national average in Canada.” 

They are still looking for sponsors for the programs, if anybody is interested, feel free to visit their website

Taylor finished off by saying they plan on keeping the tradition of providing 20,000 snacks again this year. 

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