Over the course of two days, the storm kept Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) firefighters busy safeguarding our city, nearly double their regular call volume.

“Statistically, our crews see seven responses per day. Weather events, especially significant storms like Airdrie experienced on Monday and Tuesday, always increase demands for service but the existing demand is not displaced,” said Airdrie Fire Chief Mike Pirie. “The system still needs to meet the regular daily demands. Our crews did an excellent job of managing resources and maintaining their high standard of safety and care during some challenging times this week.”

Over a period of 48 hours, beginning on Monday morning, AFD crews responded to:

  • 9 medical responses
  • 4 alarms calls
  • 3 service calls (all related to the rain event)
  • 3 motor vehicle collisions
  • 1 electrical hazard (powerline issue)
  • 1 structure fire
  • 1 hazardous material call

“AFD members are all cross-trained in multiple disciplines which enables them to shift between different call types on demand. This ensures that all our crews are prepared for whatever they may encounter on scene and can adapt and respond quickly as things change throughout their shift,” continued Pirie. “I’m proud of the AFD team and the excellent service they continue to provide our City, rain or shine.”

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