On Monday, August 21, Airdrie's City Council endorsed the addition of Bert Church Live Theatre (BCLT) services to the Airdrie Fair Access (AFA) program.

“This unanimous decision by the Council comes at a time when we’re working towards providing a wider range of recreation opportunities to more Airdrie residents. The inclusion of BCLT services to the AFA program is a testament to that,” said Mayor Peter Brown. “I encourage all residents who qualify for AFA to apply and have an equal opportunity to utilize City services."

Beverly Stadelmann, performing arts coordinator at Bert Church Live Theatre said that the organization understands that access to the performing arts provides a sense of community wellbeing.

"Through our various programs, classes and performances, the theatre strives to be a safe place focusing on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. We are pleased to be a part of removing barriers like financial accessibility to allow more of our community to experience the joy of the theatre,” said.

On January 1, changes were made to the City of Airdrie’s subsidy program for low-income residents to improve access to vital city services for Airdrie residents. 

Through AFA, residents whose household income is within 25 per cent of the Low-Income Cut-Off before taxes (LICO-BT) or below, as defined by Statistics Canada, can receive a 25-75 per cent discount on eligible City programs and services.

Chris Esselmont, social planner with the City of Airdrie added that having BCLT join AFA makes the existing portfolio of income-based offerings and services even stronger.

"[It]reinforces our commitment to removing barriers to accessing municipal services. Airdrie residents can access most available programs and services in the 2023-2024 theatrical season of BCLT,” he added.

AFA, formerly known as the Airdrie Participant Support Program, provides income-based subsidies on select transit passes and fares, Genesis Place recreation and now also BCLT programs and services.

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