With the Alberta Premier leadership election just around the corner, Airdrie East MLA Angela Pitt has decided to endorse a new candidate. 

“Danielle Smith has been the candidate throughout this entire race that has been the most consistent in all of the things that she said that she will do, and I think that's pretty believable. I admired the way that she's taken such bold stances on issues that are important to Albertans but sometimes a little less popular. I think Danielle is the leader of our time. I'm just super happy to be able to help and support her and be on her team.” 

Pitt has joined forces with the other Airdrie MLA Peter Guthrie in endorsing Smith. 

Pitt, who doesn’t have much of a history with Smith, says one thing she looks for in a leader is someone who is bold, brave and strong.  

“I think that Albertans are going to be pretty excited with [a] Daniel Smith government going to finish off these next six months or so and then going into the next election. She's exciting, she's a team builder, she's very graceful in the things that she does, and this next election Danielle will offer a level of respect to Albertans that they haven't seen from their leadership for quite some time. I think that will be refreshing for so many, and certainly exciting.” 

Pitt, who originally endorsed Rajan Sawhney, mentioned they had a difference in opinions and that her campaign wasn't something that she was personally very comfortable with. 

“I love Rajan dearly. She's a great friend and I think she's an important part of Alberta's future. I just think that Danielle is more aligned with my own personal values and ideas.” 

Pitt wants to remind all party members to make sure to vote if they still can for who they think should be the UCP party leader. 

A new Premier will be elected on October 6th. 

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