During the Member Statements of the 2022 Spring Sitting, Airdrie East MLA Angela Pitt called on the Federal Government to end all of the travel restrictions. 

"The world is opening back up and removing COVID-19 restrictions, including travel restrictions. The Federal Government of Canada is not.” 

Pitt says Canada has been out of their state of emergency for quite a while now and states the Federal travel vaccination mandate is simply unnecessary. 

As of right now, to board a flight or to get on a train, anyone that is 12 years plus four months of age or older must be fully vaccinated. They must be ready to show their proof of vaccination at any given time, along with several other rules. 

“Not only does the travel vaccine mandate prevent Canadians from travelling outside of Canada, but it prevents international travellers from coming into Canada as well hurting our country's tourism industry.” 

Pitt stated that people are less inclined to come visit the beautiful country when there are excessive, unnecessary mandates making it difficult. 

“Provinces within Canada are lifting most, if not all, of their COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. Unvaccinated people are finally allowed to return to work, go out to eat, go to a gym and enjoy the many things that they've been eagerly waiting to get to, except for travel.” 

This mandate is causing red tape and Canada is one of the only countries left to have it, according to Pitt. 

“I have heard frustrations from many Albertans who disagree with the travel vaccine mandate, regardless of their vaccine status. Those who are vaccinated are fed up with the difficulty of extra steps when they have to travel and those who are unvaccinated are fed up with not being able to travel at all.” 

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