Airdrie City Council decided tonight on what to do with the upcoming multi-use facility that was recently announced to be $20 million over budget. Now estimated to be around $83 million dollars, from the previous estimate of $62 million dollars, due to several complications. 

In a previous news release leading up to the council's meeting, it stated the council had several avenues it may consider, which include adjusting the scope and capping the budget at $62 million, adjusting the scope and capping the budget at $68 million or postponing the project altogether until costs stabilize. 

StatsScreenshot of possible outcomes the council can choose from. Screenshot from the city of Airdrie website.

If the council were to cap the budget at its original estimate which was approved in October 2021, they have to consider some reductions to the infrastructure, which included reducing the size of the building by approximately 12,000 square feet, reducing the sustainability features, or reducing the landscaping features and outdoor amenities.

Council may also look at modifying the size of the underground parkade by 60 stalls and redesigning the surface parking; however, all these options may be done exclusively or in tandem with one another.

However, if the council were to go ahead with a larger budget, which would mean an increase in the project budget by 8 per cent to over $68 million, there would have to be a re-designing of the building to align with the new budget and there is are possible savings that could come from the same types of adjustments as enumerated in the capped budget options, though the space reduction would be approximately 9,000 square feet. The underground parkade would also be redesigned to accommodate approximately 120 parking stalls.

During the meeting, the council heard these options from Colliers and Michelle Lock, Director of Community Service, Lock stated it is recommended council cap the budget of $62,703,550 and do the following:

  • Construction of a 73,000-square-foot facility (12,000 square feet smaller).
  • Modify the size of the underground parkade by approximately 60 stalls and re-design surface parking.
  • Adjust the location of the building moving it north to remove shoring requirements.
  • No green roof or rainwater harvesting.
  • solar photovoltaics and electric vehicle charger infrastructure will be rough-in.
  • Traffic signalization requirements will be funded from a separate Municipal project.
  • Reduce Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Allowance (FFE) to align with the new building size.

There were numerous items was discussed at the council meeting and at the end of the long debate, the council decided to direct the Budget Steering Committee to adjust the budget to $65 million dollars while maintaining all 125 parking stalls in the underground parkade.

Council will also have further conversations to consider what needs to be done to keep the project within that budget.

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