With school starting just around the corner, Airdrie’s Community Links is trying to help out local families by handing out 475 backpacks.  

Community Engagement Manager Laurie Jacob-Toews explains what it's all about. 

“We have packed 475 backpacks and we are handing them out to families in need in the community. Families who have identified that they're in financial need were able to access the backpack for any children from kindergarten to Grade 12. The backpacks are full of school supplies that the kids will need for the upcoming school year.” 

According to Jacob-Toews, this couldn’t be done without the help of a few businesses in the community. 

“The Supplies for Success Program is actually in its 20th year here in Airdrie. We partner with Airdrie Staples to put on the program. We are very lucky to get support from a bunch of local businesses.” 


Jacob-Toews went on to talk about what kind of school supplies are in the backpacks. 

“A lot depends on the grade. For the older kids, they'd be getting binders and graph paper and scientific calculators. For the younger guys, they're going to be getting rulers, crayons and scribblers." 

Jacob-Toews says thanks to the Kiwanis Club, there will also be gift vouchers to purchase shoes. 

“We have a limited number, but the hope is that each family will be able to receive a gift card for Walmart to help offset some of the costs for them.” 

As they were handing the backpacks out on Thursday and Friday, any remaining will be handed out on Monday. Jacob-Toews just recommends calling beforehand to see if any are available. 

 The number to call is 403-945-3900. 

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