At the most recent City Council meeting, Council was asked to amend and give three readings to Bylaw B-19, which is the Tax Rate Bylaw. 

In the 2022 Council approved budget, there was a 4.3 percent increase in taxes which would generate $68 million in municipal tax this year. 

According to Shannon Schindeler, Manager of Treasury for the City of Airdrie, a five per cent increase is also being passed on to Airdrie to contribute to the public education system in Alberta. 

“Since there has been significant residential growth, the effect on property owners will be less than 5%. The average homeowner will experience an increase of $1.24 per month and the average residential condo owner will actually see a decrease of $1.44 per month.” 

Schindeler says although the overall combined increase is 9.3 per cent (4.3 per cent through municipal and 5 per cent towards education) year-over-year growth has helped spread this burden over more properties, so the effect is significantly less. 

“Tax notices are planned to be mailed on May 27. The tax brochure will be inserted with each notice and is also available online. Residents can also refer to the city website for more information in regards to payment options.” 

Council was provided with two different alternatives: 

  1. Council could choose to give three readings to Bylaw No. B-19/2022. Choosing this option would suggest that Council accepts the 4.3 per cent tax increase as approved during the budget process, which allows for the tax notice process to continue as planned. 

  1. Council could choose to table Bylaw No. B-19/2022. Choosing this option would suggest that Council is not prepared to deal with the bylaw at this time or that more information is required. This report would then be brought back to a special Council meeting in May for approval in order to meet the advertised timelines and not adversely affect cash flow for the Municipality. 

In the end, Council voted to amend and give three readings to the 2022 budget and revise the provincial requisitions. 

To have a more in-depth look at the presentation visit the agenda

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