Over the weekend, the Airdrie Children’s Festival was back in action for the first time since 2019 and it boasted multiple fun events and activities for families.  

One of the biggest attractions at the festival was the Inspiration Stations. It was a hands-on, accelerated learning center hosted by multiple businesses and organizations in the area. 

The point of the stations was to inspire kids and let them learn in a new way, they had a chance to get hands-on and learn about different subjects and things they might not otherwise experience in the same way through other avenues. There were also citywide workshops where kids could work on cars with mechanics, write short stories with published authors, or go on-air with us and learn about writing news and local stories. 

At AIR 106.1 we hosted four kids that wanted to learn about the radio station and how to be a news reporter. Those four kids were Vincent Barry, Matthew Devens, Lexus Huck and Ethan Morrison. 

Kids at AIr 106.1From left to right, Lexus, Vincent, Matthew and Ethan. They are learning about how a radio station works!

Each of them got to go behind the scenes and learn about what goes into doing a radio show and how news is sourced, researched, written and produced for online and on-air content.  

Each of the children said they learned something cool they hadn’t known before attending the workshop,  

Vincent Barry: “I learned how to edit audio, and my favourite part was seeing the very powerful server that can send the signal.” 

Matthew Devens: “I liked recording and I thought it was cool how you got to show us behind the scenes. I learned how they pretty much had a giant server broadcasting its signal.” 

Lexus Huck: “I love the music selection you guys have and I learned that you get to meet local artists.” 

Ethan Morrison: “My favourite part was recording and seeing how everything works, and I learned how you guys record and do the weather forecast.” 

The Airdrie Children’s Festival was a huge hit and saw hundreds of smiling children and their families come out over the weekend. They plan to be back in 2023. 

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