Last week was a busy one for Airdrie-Banff Member of Parliament (MP) Blake Richards as he sat down with constituents to talk about the upcoming federal budget.

Richards visited Canmore, Cochrane and Airdrie; where he predicted that around 50 to 100 people come out to share their thoughts.

When asked about the main problem people are seeing, it's the federal government isn't doing a good job of being responsible with our tax dollars.

"They feel that there's a lack of accountability and transparency for where that money is spent; they want to see the government become far more responsible with their tax dollars, balance their budget, and leave a little money in taxpayer's pockets."

When it came to Airdrie specifically, Richards explained the same concerns popped up, but more than one was on the minds of Airdronians.

"The city expressed some concerns about the federal government not being a true partner in trying to deal with our infrastructure needs. I really think they've got a fair point."

Richards believes the federal government is being very political with the way they make these decisions rather than trying to be fair to the entire country.

When it comes to his thoughts on the federal budget, he circles back around to the government being more responsible with taxpayers' dollars.

"They're just using the federal government "credit card" over and over and over again, and racking it up, that cost taxpayers and future taxpayers money."

Richards finished off by mentioning health care is more under the provincial scope, he would like to see the federal government help out in any way possible.

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