Kimberly Border says it feels good to give back to the community during difficult times, and families and players on her Airdrie Atom hockey club wholeheartedly agree.  

Border is the Manager of the Atom City Blue 3 Penguins hockey club.  The team just donated $500 in much-needed funds to the Airdrie Food Bank (AFB), money they didn't get a chance to use by the end of the hockey season

Border says the season was called off because of the COVID-19 pandemic with one playoff game left for the Penguins and a tournament still to play at the end of March.

Border says the money donated to the AFB was from a parent's cash call at the beginning of the season combined with money which was raised through the year by things like a bottle drive and a ticket raffle.  The team was also planning on buying team and coach gifts and having an end of year wrap up party, and to use the money to go to the tournament.

When those things didn't materialize, one of the team's parents came up with the idea of donating the money to the food bank.  "We gave the parents the option of getting half of their original cash call back," explains Border, "and then we would donate the remainder of the team's funds, which was $200 to the Airdrie Food Bank. 

The families, however, weren't satisfied with that plan, according to Border.  "Many of the families came back and said, 'could you please donate my $50 as well,' and that's how we ended up with $500."

Border says, with the COVID-19 rules about meeting as groups,  they haven't had a chance to talk to the team about what kind of difference they've made in the lives of hurting people in Airdrie.  She expects the parents have shared that good news with their kids.

With food banks in Canada and the people they serve suffering through difficult economic times caused by the virus, Border says it feels good for the team to make the donation.  "It's so nice to be able to give back. We're a hockey community here in Airdrie and we know that a lot of our neighbours, our colleagues, our community are suffering.  In volatile times it's so nice to do something nice for somebody else.  It helps lift your spirit."

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