Agribition made a record-breaking profit of $307,616 making the 2011 show was one of the most successful events in its history.

They had more than 126,000 visitors at the show with increases in livestock sales and rodeo audiences.

"The big elements that contributed to the profit, number one is always is the attendance and in events like ours, people through the gates make a huge difference," says Agribition CEO Marty Seymour. "Some of the other elements that add to our profitability are the cattle sales at the show and there was a significant increase over the year prior, with $2 million in gross sales."

Agribition is a non-profit organization, so Seymor says first and foremost they plan to use the funds to replenish CWA’s contingency fund.

"In addition, we've got some challenges ahead of us with infrastructure and some upgrades that are needed. The extra dollars will be dedicated toward building repairs and updates to make sure that our show continues to be the world class event that it's been for 41 years," Seymor says.

Seymor says you should never under-estimate the power of dedicated volunteers. "This event is put on by over 400 volunteers and 200 staff and contributes $27 million dollars to the Western Canadian economy."