The Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) has a busy weekend responding to three separate incidents.

Incident #1

On Friday, August 18 at around 11 p.m., the Airdrie Fire Department responded to reports of a motor vehicle colliding into a commercial building. On arrival, firefighters determined that an SUV had inadvertently crashed into the southeast corner of the Super Store Liquor outlet.

One person was assessed for injuries on the scene but was not transported to hospital.

AFD  inspected the damage to confirm that the building had not been structurally compromised. The store remained open for customers.


Incident #2

On Sunday, around 1 p.m., AFD responded to reports of a structure fire involving a two-story residential home in Reunion Landing. On arrival, firefighters found a small fire burning on a deck which was threatening to extend to the exterior wall of the home. Everybody that was in the house including their dog evacuated outside before AFD arrived.

The fire was quickly put out by responding crews, the Fire Prevention Bureau has determined that the fire was due to improper disposal of smoking materials. Damage has been estimated at $10,000.


Incident #3

On Sunday, shortly after 3 p.m., AFD responded to reports of a possible fire at the City of Airdrie Water Pump Station. On arrival, firefighters were advised by Water Service staff that when they initially opened the door to the lift station, they found the building full of smoke.

No working fire was found but a faulty transformer had overheated and filled the building with smoke. Firefighters ventilated the building to remove smoke before completing air quality monitoring to ensure the space was safe.

Upon investigation, the Fire Prevention Bureau determined that the fire was due to an electrical failure in a transformer unit which caused it to overheat. Damage has been estimated at $200,000.

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