With the 2023 provincial budget being released on Tuesday, Airdrie East NDP candidate Dan Nelles thinks a lot more should have been done.

"This really seems like a thinly veiled attempt by Danielle Smith in the UCP to buy votes ahead of this election; and then springs the costs on Albertans out to the polls have closed."

Nelles pointed out many of the affordability measures that are currently in place now to address inflation are being eliminated by July 1 in this budget, and according to Nelles it, "is going to make this the most expensive summer ever for many Albertans."

When talking about the budget and the things Airdrie is attached to, he is not too happy about the North Calgary/Airdrie Health Centre.

"The only thing Airdrie about the North Calgary health centre is the hastily added tagline in the budget. Looking closely at the commitments being made, the UCP is only committing to thinking about this new health center over the next three years. There's actually no money whatsoever committed to putting shovels in the ground and actually meaningfully addressing the health service accessibility concerns that exist right now."

Nelles explained that the NDP and Rachel Notley will ensure that Albertans have a health system they can rely on.

When it comes to replacing the interchange at the QEII Highway and Highway 566 at Balzac, he's happy to see that it's getting replaced as it is desperately needed, but mentioned this was a long time coming.

"The problem though is that the time that it took to meet this need is absolutely horrendous. Rocky View County needed this upgrade years ago, and the only reason they seem to have gotten it in this budget is that the UCP decided to go into a pre-election spending spree."

Nelles mentioned he hopes that this promise isn't something that the UCP (United Conservative Party)  is going to see evaporate after the election, like the affordability measures.

Yesterday, it was announced that Airdrie will be getting some love when it comes to schools. Airdrie will receive full funding for a francophone school while a new K-8 school in southwest Airdrie within the Rocky View School (RVS) Division is also being funded for planning.

In a social media comment on our page, Nelles mentioned he is happy to see a new francophone school come to Airdrie, but Rocky View Schools needed more.

"Rocky View Schools has been left in the dark *again* by this UCP government. With no firm commitment to construction funding, all the UCP wants to do is commit to "thinking about it" when it comes to public schools in Airdrie. Alberta's schools are bursting at the seams and the 13 schools committed to in Budget 2023 are simply insufficient."

With the election right around the corner, Nelles explained this should be Danielle Smith's one and only budget and very soon Albertans will have a choice to turn the page and put an Alberta NDP government led by Rachel Notley in office that will actually have their priorities and interests at the forefront.

"Alberta needs a fiscal plan that's responsible, prudent and not designed for short-term vote buying. Rachel Notley is prepared to invest in the things that matter to you and your family health, affordability, and a resilient jobs economy. That's the commitment from your Alberta NDP."

Albertans head to the polls on May 29.

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