At the most recent Airdrie RCMP Municipal Police Advisory Board meeting, Airdrie RCMP gave their 2021 year in review. 

In 2021, the Airdrie RCMP responded to a total of 17,988 calls for service, with March being the busiest month up from 15,046 in 2020. 

When it came to the top 10 categories for most calls for service, speeding violations, other moving traffic violations, and non-moving traffic violations rounded out the top three. 


When it came to cases that required the most workload, Mental Health was at 7.65 per cent, moving traffic violations at 5.48 per cent and non-moving traffic at 5.03 per cent. 


When it comes to 2022, from the time frame of January to May, the city has seen a two per cent decrease in total crime this year compared to 2021. Persons crime is down 16 per cent, property crime is up 12 per cent while other criminal code offences are down 20 per cent. 

There was a 28 per cent increase in break and enters, 36 per cent increase of theft of motor vehicles and a 19 per cent increase of theft under $5000. 

Airdrie’s Domestic Violence Unit has also seen a small increase this year compared to last. 


Although the current numbers only reflect six months, there is still see a drop in all categories for mental health related calls when comparing them to 2020. 


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