At 11 years old, Airdronian Alexander Lypchuk is already thinking of competing on the international stage at the Olympics one day; and if he continues the way he is now in his budding passion for boxing, he may very well represent Canada one day. But before he gets to that ring, he will first be making his debut at Silver Gloves at Wyndham Garden Medicine Hat Conference Center on Saturday, January 14. 

Elisha O'Doherty-Lypchuk, Alexander's mother said that her husband took him to Humble Boxing about a year and a half ago. 

"He picked them up and Alex developed a love of the people at the gym. He's very, very high energy, so, it was great for him to go in, bounce around, and get some rounds in," she said. "And that love just clicked. He'd go five days in the gym, six if he really pushed."

Last month, Alex was asked if he wanted to participate in a spar fight boxing match, which is a match where no winners are crowned and is meant for fun. Alex didn't hesitate and jumped into the ring on December 9 at the Rumble Humble event. While his mother had observed him in the gym and was no doubt proud of her son, she was floored when she saw Alex going toe-to-toe in the ring. 

"It blew us out of the water. We were so shocked at the skills that clicked with him and the beauty of a spar box is that both their hands go up," O'Doherty-Lypchuk said. "They gave each other their own medals, and they got to really celebrate that victory together. Afterwards, they got out of the ring, they cleaned up and they were best friends."

Alexander Lypchuk, who is 11, is already dreaming of boxing at the Olympics. (Photo provided by Elisha O'Doherty-Lypchuk)Alexander Lypchuk, who is 11, is already dreaming of boxing at the Olympics. (Photo provided by Elisha O'Doherty-Lypchuk)

While boxing is very obviously a contact sport and while Alex's mom does worry at times and gets anxious, she has full confidence in her son's skills.

"I do believe that he's doing something that he's been training so hard for. He walked out of the December 9 [event] with a little nosebleed, but I think that's a huge accomplishment, even to get in the ring," she said. "To have that fight, let alone to actually participate in that fight, whether you win or you lose; I think it's fantastic."

With the Saturday tournament looming, the family wasn't sure if Alex would participate in another spar-box match or if it would be a full-on competitive boxing match. 

"He did have the skills to be able to fight a win/lose match and so when they did the draw, we just found out a couple of days ago, that they moved him into the 38-kilogram weight class."

But there's more to the young boy than just a pair of boxing gloves. His mom said he is an exceptionally kind-hearted young man, who still loves to play with puppets and wears his heart on his sleeve.

"As a mom, that's huge for us. We are so proud of all the work that he's put in, and just how he's maintained positivity through it all. It's just amazing."

If Alex is victorious in his match on the weekend, his mom said he will continue to enter different tournaments, until perhaps one day he makes it to the Olympics. 

"I think at 11 if you can do this, you can do great at it, then you run with it."

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