The 100 Airdrie Men Who Give A Damn made their third quarterly donation of the year! 

David Bowman, a member of the group, explains what they are all about. 

“We try to get 100 Men every three months to donate $100, that's $10,000 in total.” 

At this quarterly meeting, three different charities presented their reasons for why they should receive the $10,000. The three charities were Access Child & Youth Development in Airdrie, Airdrie BMX, and the Airdrie Festival of Lights Society. 

The previous donation recipients of the $10,000, The Thumbs Up Foundation, gave an update on where the money has gone. 

The Thumbs Up Foundation shared some testimonials from recipients of their services and how impactful they are, they will also be starting their 10-week family program shortly. 

After the three groups presented, Access Child & Youth Development in Airdrie was picked by the group to receive the $10,000. 

Access Child & Youth Development in Airdrie is a sister duo, Larissa and Shaylynn, who presented on their program that was born out of a dream to take a group of kids on a humanitarian outreach trip to Jamaica. In speaking with local families, it became clear that there was a major need to provide better access and opportunity for programming for local kids.  

The ‘Access’ program has expanded to offer safe, affordable, and accessible summer programming which includes life-skill building, leadership development, and other fun activities. 

With the $10,000, they plan on implementing a sponsorship program for children to be assessed for special needs support. The money would also be put towards first aid instructors that can teach children important and practical life skills. 

Although Airdrie BMX and the Airdrie Festival of Lights didn’t win the $10,000, they each received $1,550 thanks to local sponsors and extra donations. 

Bowman went on to talk about how much money has been donated so far in the group's existence. 

“It will be five years, this October, that we've been doing this. We've raised $226,000 in that timeframe for charities in Airdrie.” 

The last quarterly donation of the year will be on October 18 at the Woodside Golf Course. If people are interested in making a donation or joining the group, visit their WEBSITE. 

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