This week, Leah, Danielle, and I tried out our first ever bootcamp class. To say it was challenging is a serious understatement.

Being a first timer, you'll obviously get the nervous jitters but don't worry, those will soon be replaced by a rush of adrenaline, sweat, and angry determination. Bootcamp will workout every single muscle in your body and you'll probably hate your life at the beginning, but that's okay, it'll be well worth it once it's over. You must power through the urge to quit because you'll want to pack up your bag and leave within the first 5 minutes.

When we went, Oranj Fitness set up ten different workout stations where we were sorted into groups of four and had to spend 2 minutes at each station, exercising as hard as humanly possible. By the time station number 4 came around, I was about ready to leave. Enough with flipping tires up a hill! You'll get to the halfway mark where your legs will start to feel like jelly, your shoulders feel on fire, and your arm muscles begin to twitch.

Somehow you'll make it through to the end with the encouragement of your bootcamp leader and high energy music, and you'll be really, really proud of yourself.
There's nothing better than the feeling of accomplishing something you thought you wouldn't be able to do. Your body will thank you too.

But the next day, good luck with that squat when you try lowering yourself onto the toilet.

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