While a lot of people in the past have been making fitness resolutions, and then breaking them early in January, one Airdrie gym manager says that isn't the case anymore.  

That's not necessarily because people's resolve is improving. Brody Richardson, local gym manager in Airdrie, says many people who are thinking of becoming more fit in 2018 are simply avoiding joining the gym early in the new year.

"I'm finding things are kind of changing as to the whole mentality of just coming in January 1st.  People are a little slower coming in so I'm finding some of our clubs are picking up at the start of February as opposed to January."

According to Richardson, people don't want to be labelled "resolutioners." 

"They don't want people to look at them and say, 'oh, that person's going to be gone in one or two months.'  I think by them waiting until February they're not the resolutioner at the club."

Richardson says that's been the case for the past few years.  It used to be that you signed up a lot of new members in January but he says now more people are becoming gym members for February.  However, Richardson believes delaying things likely won't help your resolve. 

"I don't think it's really different than when they were signing up in January.  It's more about them not wanting that label of someone whose going to drop out.  I'm not sure if it helps the total commitment part but it just seems to be a trend as far as the memberships signing up."

No matter when you join the gym, Richardson says your chance to be successful may depend on one thing:  Not trying to get fit alone.

"Especially with people who are beginners, I find if they enroll in a personal training program they have that motivation and support.  You have that voice that's going to keep you going.  You're relying on another person for motivation to keep coming.  If a client stops coming in for multiple weeks, you're going to get a text or a call that says, 'hey, get your butt back in the gym'." 


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