A great backyard can turn everyday in to a vacation.

What would be in your dream backyard?


Aron Bartram All I want is to be able to keep bees & chickens...not an elaborate dream but so far, not allowed in our little town...

Melissa Jackson - you said dream right? So I want a yard so big that I can have one of the shrub like mazes that in the center is the most beautiful fountain/ roses/ calla Lillie's/ benches so I can sit a read/ draw or sit in the quiet listening to the water running- but this is one part of my dream back yard. I have more

Adena Cheverie Hot tub, garden, firepit, dining area and proper dog run.
Brandie Rispler-Dery NO spiders would be a dream is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.