Spiders. I don't care what you say, these eight legged creatures are natures best attempt at creating a physical nightmare. In my opinion, they did a bang up job. Typically they stick to themselves, away from you. But sometimes they like to get up close and personal, for instance, in your bed. Here are the simple steps you go through when there is a spider in your bed.


Something is touching you leg. Clearly your mind races to the worst thing possible, which of course, is a giant spider. But, you lie to yourself. It's just an itch, I'm clearly overreacting.


It's not an itch. This moment happens when the spider decides to reveal itself in the most terrifying way possible. Sprinting at top speed, directly at your face.


This part is never pretty. You will later tell friends and family that you were cool and collected in the next ensuing moments of total panic and girlish screaming. None of the motions you make will actually help you in the long run, but will only make you lose track of the spider and make matters far far worse.


It was a good bedroom. You spent a lot of time decorating, and getting it just right so that you could have the most enjoyable sleep possible. Too bad it's the spiders room now. Stay tuned for our next riveting article entitled "Sleeping on the Couch, 3 positions that make a terrible situation slightly more bearable".

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