If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, teens must be from a whole other galaxy.

When listening to a group of teens having a conversation, you may be scratching your head questioning what some of the words they use even mean.

Every generation likes to use their own slang words. Back in the 90's we used to say things like 'aiight,' 'all that and a bag of chips' and 'boo yah!'.

Our teens are no different, only some of the words they use you may think mean something completely different.

Take 'salty' for example, I'm thinking did they put too much salt on their food, but no, what they're saying is they are bitter about something or someone.

When I heard my daughter say to her friend 'go sip tea' I was really confused. Did they want a cup of tea? Do I need to put the kettle on? What is she saying!!? She's saying mind your own business. What! Who even came up with that saying?

Then there's the slang you need to be keeping an ear out for. If you hear your teen say they're 'thirsty' but they don't mean for a drink, they're talking about being desperate for someone or something. If they're throwing around words like 'smash' or 'down in the DM', it's time to make sure you're having a chat about the birds and the bees because those birds and bees are in full mating season.

If you want to know a few more terms teens are throwing around these days, check out this teen slang link.


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