They are back in school! While this means the return of structure and possible having some time to yourself in the afternoons, it also means the return of another responsibility.

The school lunch

Lots parents, especially those with multiple children, have had their head on the table many a time trying to figure out what to make. But, at what age does that responsibility leave you and enter your childs hands?

I was only 10 when my dad tapped out. He had made his last ham sandwich and was not going to make another one. Without any lead up or fanfare, it was now my job to make my own lunch. At first I said I wasn't going to make my own lunch which got the response:

"Whelp, I guess you are going to be hungry tomorrow, won't you?"

I made my lunch.

I didn't make the most gourment lunches, but lunches were made and I was fed. At what age did you child start making their lunches? [or what age are you going to try and get them to make their lunches?]

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