Becoming a mother was one of the best moments of my life but also one of the most challenging.

We all have this idea of what we're going to be like as a parent before we have kids, and then they come along and those ideals go right out the window.

I don't know how many times I've heard non-parents say "I'm not going to let my kids watch TV." Bahahaha... tell me how that goes when your desperate for a shower and all you want is 10 minutes of piece to get yourself together!

Now let's talk about the bathroom and how from the moment you have kids it's no longer a private place. I'd like to say it gets better the older they get, but I still get asked questions through the door. NOTHING is sacred anymore!

Like the mom on Ellen, how many times have you hidden in the pantry to have a treat you don't have to share with anyone? I thought I'd hidden my Ben and Jerry's in a good spot but kids are like drug sniffing dogs, if it has sugar they will find it, but don't ask them to find their shoes because that's a lost cause. 

When my kids were younger, we used to sing the 'clean up song' because music always makes things more fun ;). Now when you ask them to clean their room, you're getting about 1% cleaning, 30% complaining, and 69% playing with the stuff they just found.

When you think about kids and the word 'NO', you would think it wasn't in their vocabulary. I'm pretty sure when kids hear the word 'NO', they think 'game on'. How many times can I ask the same question before mom gives in or loses it? Believe me, losing it usually wins.  

Although there are daily challenges and times where you question your sanity, the smiles, laughter and love outweigh the bad.

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