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Valentine's day is coming, but don't you want to give something more than just flowers and chocolates this year, you know, stay focused on the love this year? You want to do something different, something from the heart, right?

Ever thought about writing a love song for your special someone? Maybe you have, but you're worried that you don't know enough about music or songwriting to pull it off. Well, consider this your lucky day. We're giving you a chance to drop the doubts, flush them right down the toilet and join us on a journey towards the love song you've always dreamed about. The best news of all, you can start today and be ready just in time for Valentines.

Here's how we're going to do it:


This is Day One.

Free Your Mind

How are we going to do that? With a free writing exercise. What we need to do to get started here is defeat the blank page. It's intimidating, scary and just plain boring! This exercise is designed to get you as many ideas to play with as possible.

Step 1: Grab a blank piece of paper and a pencil/pen.

Step 2: Write the subject of your Valentines love song at the top of the page (could be your sweetheart's name, a memory you shared together, etc.)

Step 3: Set a timer for 10 minutes. As soon as it starts counting down, you start writing. Write for the full ten minutes without stopping, use extra paper if needed. Write anything, and we mean ANYTHING, that comes to your mind during this time. Try and stay focused on the topic you choose throughout the whole process. It doesn't matter if this all comes out as a bunch of complete gibberish, it doesn't even need to be written using proper grammar or in complete sentances, just write for ten straight minutes. Simple!

Step 4: Take a ten or fiftenn minute break. Do not look at the paper during this time. Just forget about for a bit. When you're ready, come back with a fresh mind.

Step 5: Grab a highlighter and go over your page(s). It may look like a disaster on there, but if it does, that likely means you did exactly what you need to be doing so don't worry! Now with that highlighter, read what you wrote. Highlight the sentances, words, phrases that stand out to you and when you are finished, you'll have an even messier page sitting in front of you. A great sign!

Step 6: Take those highlighted phrases and rewrite them on a fresh piece of paper. The order at this point is not important, it's just about seperating the good stuff from the rest of the words you wrote.


Congratulations. You now how the beggining of a love song sitting before you. Sure, it may not rhyme and it may not have a structure, but that's what comes next...

We're going to give you the tips you need in order to turn that sappling into something beautiful tomorrow on the afternoon drive show, so don't miss it!


Also, be sure to listen to tips from SLAM in Airdrie president, guitar teacher and local musician Frank Wiebe for an added boost of inspiration. If you're thinking about adding some guitar to your love song, but are only just beggining to learn how to play or don't know how to play at all, Frank can get you started with confidence:


Frank on Motivation:


...on Beginner Guitar Tips:


...on Song Structure:

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