It's been a tough week for our fellow Albertans in Ft McMurray and surrounding areas. 

Many of us have either been to Ft Mac before or at least know someone that's worked in the patch up there. 

Watching the devastating images has caused many of us to gasp and shake our heads in horror as we watch an entire city go up in flames.

What's also so shocking is how fast it all happened and knowing that a city comparable in size to Airdrie can be snatched away in a matter of a couple of days. 

James Neels with the Airdrie Dads Facebook group couldn't sit back any longer and decided to use a flatbed trailer he's been renting for work and put it to good use. 

He contacted the rest of the FB group and set up in front of the Real Canadian Superstore in Airdrie on Wednesday night (May 4) for a couple of hours and Airdronians came out to drop off critical items. 

Neels then was contacted by Gilligans Boat Sales in Airdrie and loaned a covered trailer to fill to the roof. 

Neels set up again at Superstore on Thursday (May 5) afternoon and no sooner had he set up when Cam Clark Ford stopped by with a truckload of bottled water to donate. 

The Airdrie Dads members helped fill the trailer which Neels plans on taking up to Edmonton tomorrow,  Friday May 6. 

At times of loss like what our Ft Mac friends and family are going through it sure is a heartfelt reminder that the human spirit is strong in Airdrie. 

Neels sums it up best.

"Hey we appreciate the support that Airdrie and everyone's given us.  Alberta strong." 

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