The use of photo radar must be about safety and shouldn't be used as a cash grab, believes Alberta Transportation Minister Brian Mason.

Some new guidelines just announced, will offer a more fair, transparent and effective way of using photo radar in Alberta.

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As of June, photo radar will not be allowed in transition zones on a highway. If there is a 10 km/hr speed change, it is 10 meters on either side of the sign; for a 20 km/hr change its 25m either side; and for a 30 km/hr change, it’s 100m on either side of the sign. Photo radar on high-speed multi-lane corridors will be prohibited unless there is a documented safety concern. In both cases, conventional enforcement is still allowed. All municipalities will be expected to post all upcoming photo radar locations on their websites.

This has got Albertans talking especially in Airdrie. So let's talk tickets. Have you ever gotten a ticket for anything you thought was unusual? I recently got a ticket for the mud flaps on my jeep. They are built in and came with the vehicle. but apparently, in Alberta, they are too short, therefore illegal. So just a heads up to jeep owners if someone's looking to make a buck off you, you can get pulled over for them. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.