If you think winter is nothing but cold and miserable, you're wrong.

There are numerous ways you can maximize the fun out of your winter, and this list of activities are only doable when it's bone-chillingly cold out there.

  1. Get your tongue stuck on a pole
    A winter classic, always a fun good ol' time!

  2. Wear an over-sized scarf and look totally fabulous
    You need to stay warm, so why not do it and look super high-fashion?

  3. Throw hot water in the air and watch it turn to mist
    You can only do this if the windchill reaches -40°C. It's pretty darn cool.

  4. Build an igloo
    Why not build a house out of snow? Let your creativity flow, get your daily cardio in, and the kids will love it. You can also kick your spouse out of the house and into the igloo if they cross you.

  5. Go ice-skating or sledding
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Get out of plans by saying you've caught a bad cold
    Super valid and works everytime - no guilty feelings.

  7. Blow bubbles outside and watch them solidify
    They'll turn into ice orbs immediately, but remember it must be at least -40°C outside.

  8. Stay inside, snuggle, and eat
    Need I say more?

  9. Make 'Tire sur la neige' or Maple Taffy!
    If you've never tried this before, what are you waiting for?! This yummy Québécois treat is easy and fun to make. Pour a line of maple syrup on a brick of snow and use a popsicle stick to wrap the hardening syrup around it.

  10. Do spinouts with your car
    ...'cause let's be real... spinouts are super fun. When they're done on purpose.

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