Well it's been released. The new Canada Food Guide is here. Take A look at it here: New Canada Food Guide

The first revamp since 2007

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From the Canadian Food Guide Website


The biggest change seems to be: Meat and dairy are out. Plants and water are in and the four traditional food groups, which had been part of the guide since 1942 is out

The new guide recommends eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, while eating less grains and meat.

Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are still listed, but the traditional focus on the likes of meat and milk is gone.

They recommend Canadians consume plant-based proteins “more often” and cut down on their intake of processed meats and saturated fats, which can contribute to cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

The biggest proteins they recommend are “lentils, lean meats, fish, unsweetened milk and fortified soy beverages.” The new guide also places a heavy emphasis on water.

Fruit juices are not recommended because of their sugar content. The previous guide suggested 100 per cent fruit juice. They also got rid of advice on how much food to consume.

The food guide help influence what food is served in public buildings, it given away in hamper at food banks, like the Airdrie food bank and can be a recommendation for health care and educational institutions.

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