roxy theater

Summer is a time for many great things to flourish. Weather is nice, sports keep you in shape, food always tastes better thanks to the BBQ and some of the best movies come out during the summertime!

Movies are special because going out to a movie is always like a mini-adventure. You get dressed up to go out, but at the same time not too dressed up, as if there's an appropriate degree of style for movie nights or something. You don't want to be the only dude in tuxedo in the back row, but you also don't want to rock plaid sweatpants and a two-day unwashed muscle shirt either. There's this fine, unspoken line of proper movie attire... even though it's dark in there and nobody can see you.

It's also like an adventure because you get to drive to the theater and there's always that pre-movie anticipation in the air. It's as the fact that you're about to spend $47 on popcorn with "real butter" topping doesn't even matter, because, hey! I'm going on a cinematic escapade and no one's stopping me!

Then you get your tickets, you get to pick your seats and, following that, sit silently for an hour and a half (3.5 hours if you're going to see a Lord of the Rings movie) in a room full of strangers. It's just a unique process that feels so strange and unrelatable to anything you experience in your day to day life when you really think about it, but we do it all for the love of movies.

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