The bed. Where you find solace and spend a good majority of your life. But, you are probably not the only one in it. I'm learning the hard way how challenging it can be to have multiple pets on the bed; throw in a kid and you might as well just kiss a good night sleep goodbye.

What happens with 2 new kittens and one middle aged dog in your bed;

  1. Once you allow a pet to sleep on your bed there is no hope of ever getting them out. I have a better chance of my husband sleeping on the floor than my dog.
  2. Kittens are cute in the daylight but come nightfall, they turn into crazy clawing warriors. Heaven forbid you move a limb, you'll end up with a claw through your skin, and don't even think of having your feet out of the covers, you'll end up with sharp kitten teeth trying to tear the flesh right off each toe.
  3. If you manage to just have the dog in bed, inevitably she'll get hot under the covers and start panting, waking you from your slumber as she crawls out from under the covers and shakes her head rapidly causing a loud slapping noise as her ears slap against her head.
  4. Dogs can snore just as well as humans. My dog and I compete to see just how loud we can get before my husband loses it and moves to the couch.

With the animals trying to establish hierarchy, for the time being, about the only thing the bed isn't used for is sleep. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.