The kids just returned with a huge candy haul. But wait... what is that?

You probably remember your own trick-or-treating days when you'd empty your treat bag and among all the shiny wrappers and oozy chocolates, there was that handful of 'treats' that made you go, "why?".

Here's a list of 5 Halloween handouts that probably won't make a young trick-or-treater jump for joy:

1. Fruits

Halloween is all about and only about candy. Kids are (or should be) fed their recommended daily serving of fruit every other day of the year, so why would they want an apple or banana in their treat bag?

2. Oral hygiene products

This is a popular one. A toothbrush or toothpaste in their goodie bag. This treat completely makes sense - it's important to keep those teeth in good shape especially after consuming all that sugar. However, from a child's perspective, a toothbrush is nothing to get excited about because

a) majority of youngsters hate brushing their teeth and,

b) you can't get a delicious sugar high from a toothbrush

3. Pushy political handouts

 What does a child want with a pamphlet about our current political situation and your opinions on it? Leave politics to their social studies teacher and give them candy. 

4. Completely random items

In my years of trick-or-treating, I've received hotel shampoos, battery packs, bobby pins, DOG TREATS, and even condiment packets.

5. Spoiled/unwrapped candy from two years ago

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