I took the plunge and got a jumpstart on the #1 New Years resolution: To get fit.

It's been almost a year since setting foot inside a gym, so to say it's been a challenge would be putting it mildly.

The first few workouts left every muscle aching and pleading for me to stop, but I wasn't giving in so I came up with a few ways to help power through and make it fun.

1. Get yourself a workout buddy! Find someone who will motivate you and refuse to accept your excuses for not going to the gym (Thank you Naomi at Oranj Fitness, even though I say I don't like you, I really love you girl, don't give up on me).

2. If you're expecting fast results and don't see any change, do not give up. Buy yourself one of those shirts with the perfect body on it so when you look in the mirror you can trick yourself into thinking it's you ;)

3. Keep a strict schedule. Set a certain time and pick the days of the week you are going to work out otherwise you'll keep telling yourself you'll go tomorrow (and never go).

4. Give yourself a reward at the end of your workout... just not something full of carbs and sugar! Think along the lines of a hot bath full of Epsom salts and a good book.

If you're on the fence and trying to get motivated to get back to the gym, don't worry - you've got this. Just remember: Take it one workout at a time.



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