Eeerrrmagerrrd, HEAT!

Now that you've established how excited I am about this sunderful weather, let's dive into the many ways you can enjoy and maximize your outdoor time (now that the snow's gone).

  1. No more jackets! Bring out the shorts, capris, dresses, sandals, tshirts, and lack thereof!
  2. Take your fancy whip for a spin - sunroof open or hood down of course.
  3. Gardening. Get your herb/tomato/pumpkin patch growing. Nothing beats organic!
  4. Enjoy the outdoors by taking a hike in your favourite spot, or driving to the mountains to enjoy some of those gorgeous cyan-coloured lakes.
  5. The fishing ops in Airdrie are bountiful. Try Nose Creek or the Canals, Wildlife Alberta populates them every year.
  6. Soak up the sun in your backyard or park. Lay down a blanket, listen to music, tan, or read a book. It feels great to unplug!
  7. Outdoor exercise - go jogging around your neighbourhood, do outdoor yoga, do some chin-ups on the monkey bars, or play a round of soccer with your buds in one of Airdrie's many game fields.
  8. PATIO. Just spend your entire summer on your patio. Eating BBQ, drinking yummy summer drinks, having a party, the list is endless.
  9. Splash parks are about to open! Enough said.
  10. Have a bonfire. Bonfires make for great conversation, spontaneous guitar sing-alongs, and plenty of s'mores for eating.
  11. Using your swimming pool, DUH! If you have a swimming pool of your own, a) I'm jealous and b) there's nothing more refreshing than diving in on a hot day.
  12. Dye your hair (on a budget + au natural). Every heard of washing your hair in lemon juice and then hanging out in the sun for a couple hours? Apparently it lightens your hair colour. Experiment at your own risk.
  13. Go rafting on the Bow River with friends!
  14. Camping season is just around the corner. A great way to getaway from the stress of everyday life.
  15.  Eat all the ice cream you can. Because ice cream's no fun in the winter.
  16. Golf.
  17. Garage sale season is up in full swing again. Declutter and make some money.
  18. The return of farmers markets and food trucks. Two things that are popular in Airdrie, because the way to your heart is always through your stomach.
  19. Nap in a hammock. Is there anything more relaxing?
  20. Just spend your time outside because this is what you've been looking forward to in our -40°C winters. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.