Should our education system teach more financial literacy in schools?

 Growing up here in Alberta I do not ever remember being taught about financial management or literacy in school. 

I would say the closest thing I ever learned to financial literacy was how to count money using coins in grade 4 and since then I have been on a constant struggle to absorb and learn as much information that has to do with financial literacy as possible. 

Now there are two general ways I have done this so far, you can rather spend money on books to learn about money or hire someone to manage your money. Either way, you tend to be spending money to learn about money or grow your money because we are not taught enough about it in school. 

Maybe you are lucky enough to have had parents that instilled financial literacy in you at a young age or maybe your high school offered a financial management course, either way, I truly believe that our education system is severely lacking financial literacy education and this is leading to massive flaws in our society. I believe it is taking form in government which is contributing to these massive deficits as some of our voters are not even educated in finance enough to know what a deficit is or how we got there. 

Do you believe the education system teaches enough about finances? Is it a parents responsibility and not the schools? 

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