In North Carolina, a new bill would add convicted animal abusers to an online registry, like sex offenders

If the bill becomes a law, anyone in the state who abuses an animal would be added to a public database. After the first offense, the animal abuser and their photograph would be on the registry for the next two years. A second offense would put the abuser on the list for five years.

Abusers may be forced to give up any animals they own and would not be able to own any other animals for the next five years.

Around the same time as this was introduced, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed "Tommie's Law," which increases the penalty for animal abusers from a misdemeanor to a Class 6 felony, so animal abusers in the state could get one to five years in prison. 

Do you think a registry is a good idea? Would you like Airdrie to adopt these policies and laws?

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