How many times have your kids sat down for dinner with their cell phone in hand opening snaps on Snapchat and scrolling through their Instagram feed?

If the answer is more times than you can count, there may be some fun out of the box solutions to get your kids to leave their cell phones behind when they come to eat.

  1. Pull out your mothers box of napkin rings and have a rousing game of who can put the most napkin rings on their face without any falling
  2. Make up a fun and crazy story with each family member taking turns to add to the story
  3. Play 'Made you Say' - ask each person a different question that begins with “Tell me something that happened today that made you say…” The last word ranges from “huh?” to “cool!” or “darn!”, or “that’s weird.” (A sneaky way to get your kids to talk about their day)

If your kids are still struggling to leave their phones behind you could always buy a cheap safe, place their phone in it and see how long it takes them to crack the code. This could be a fun game that lasts for days ?. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.