Dr. Kyle Sue, a clinical assistant professor in family medicine at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland, says there may be something to the 'Man Cold'.

Apparently all that testosterone makes men's symptoms worse by reducing their immunity and causing them to become more ill then women.

If Dr. Sue is trying to help men get more sympathy when they get sick he may still be barking up the wrong tree.

There is a fundamental difference in men and women when they get sick. Let me lay it out for you...

When a lot of men get sick they don't question the tasks they have to complete in a day, they just stay in bed and try to feel better. Many women on the other hand don't feel like that's a luxury they have. Kids need lunches, clothes need to be cleaned and inevitably the toddler is going to lack the sympathy you're looking for when your head's over the toilet bowl.

Whether there is any truth to the 'Man Cold' being worse than a woman's cold is neither hear nor there, at the end of the day Women are kicking butt and taking names!!


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