Wait a minute... When's Valentine's Day? 

Oh no.

Oh yes, it's this Wednesday which means you now only have 2 days to plan for Valentine's Day. Now some of you did plan. Some of you have reservations, gifts and grand gestures of love. 

Some of you do not.

I understand being the latter. 

Let's not spend the little time we have throwing blame, it's crunch time. Reservations are probably out of the question, but grocery stores are still open. Home cooked meal prepared by you? Good call! Can't cook? Just go with spaghetti. You can cook spaghetti, trust me. Grab some chocolates and a couple flowers for the table and you're golden! It's not something out of a romantic comedy staring Hugh Grant, but it's not nothing either. 

Just don't forget next year!

Yeah right....

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