We are three weeks (halfway) through our Oranj Fitness Challenge with Naomi Keane. Where has the time gone?!

Claire and Maddie, your awesome radio hosts, are on a six week mission to eat healthy and get fit. (Not just for six weeks, it's a lifestyle change.) The amazing Naomi Keane from Oranj Fitness in Airdrie is guiding us to living our best lives.

Three big changes we are focusing on making sure we are drinking a TON of water every day, packing our bodies with important vitamins and minerals, and getting consistent exercise in. Also sleep... at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

How we feel after Week 3


  • the caffeine cravings are down to a minimum!
  • overall better gut health - the tummy no longer has indigestion, bloated, and sick
  • stress levels much lower
  • able to fall asleep way quicker and no more restless nights
  • overall better mood
  • craving more exercise - LOVE going to Warm Barre classes at Oranj!
  • increased flexibility
  • down 3 inches of overall fat


  • Had a bit of an off week but still feeling good because I continued getting the good stuff in. Sometimes sleep is just that much more important.
  • Still using smoothies over coffee to get me going in the morning and it's working.
  • Really love the extra fun glow themed zumba classes
  • Want to up my game and add in a boot camp class.
  • LOVE the Oranj smoothies after class!

We can't wait to see what Week 4 brings... BRING IT ON! Also, feel free to check out some of the great classes at Oranj and get your boogie on!

Here are some photos from this week.

IMG 8600  IMG 8611


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