One year ago today, my better half and I arrived in Airdrie, Alberta - our new home sweet home.

Living in Ontario our entire lives, it was time for a change, so we decided we wanted to explore more of Canada and headed west where the moutains are abundant and folks are friendly.

Three hundred and sixty-five days later, there's one thing you'll learn when it comes to living in Southern Alberta:

                                    The weather is one big whirlwind adventure (pun completely intended)



1.   If you didn't know tornados, you'll be very fluent soon. If you've never lived through a tornado or a tornado warning, prepare for the panic attack that'll kick in as soon as you hear the first warning interupting your TV. You'll probably call your entire family from a doorway in your basement and tell them how much you love them.

2.  "Hail? I've never seen hail!" Well, you will. A lot of it. And if your insurance policy doesn't have hail damage on it, get used to driving around in a vehicle that looks like it spent the day parked in a golf range. You've probably noticed by now a few cars with golfball-sized dents on their hood and roof. It might also be a good idea to have a helmet on hand in your car.      

3.   Rain comes and goes whenever it pleases. You'll be enjoying a sunny summer day, and then within 10 minutes, black clouds roll in with a severe thunderstorm forcing you to find shelter. There'll be a temperature change from 25°C to 9°C within twenty minutes. You'll have to bring the plants in and secure the trampoline otherwise it'll fly away. In the month of July 2017 alone, there were 7 severe thunderstorms.

4.   SNOW. Southern Alberta has snow anywhere from 6-9 months of the year and if you're not used to snow, then get used to it. You're going to experience days in -40°C and two feet of snow. Wearing a Canada Goose jacket isn't a fashion statement anymore when you've moved to Alberta, it's a basic life necessity during the winter. Then again, you might have a mild winter where it snows a few times but doesn't stay. As much as you think you miss the snow during these mild winters, trust me, you don't.

There you have it. Alberta's weather patterns are completely different from eastern Canada, and despite the tornados, hail, rain storms, and snow, I'm proud to call it home and wouldn't change it one bit.
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