rock in the park

A very cool event is happening in Nose Creek Park this Friday for metal and screamo fans.

Yes, I just said Nose Creek Park, metal, and event in the same sentence and I meant it.

This concert is in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Society.

It is being organized by a 16 year old Airdronian, Gabriel Webb- with the help of his mother Yamileth, and friends.

Years ago when Gabriel was just shy of turning four years old his father passed away from Lymphoma leaving his mother with two young boys.

Yamileth says the Lymphoma society was a saving grace.

"They were there for us in a time of need when my husband was going through chemo and radiation. They helped us with friends, and food, and my two kids were younger at the time- so they helped us in different ways. And I know if my husband were here today he would give back to the society."


She has been active in helping raise funds for the society for years, and her kids have helped out in different ways. But this year Gabriel decided he wanted to join his mother in running a half marathon on October 19th.

This event is part of their fundraising for the half marathon.

Gabriel says he wants to combine his love of music with his fight for the cause.

And if things turn out- he hopes to make the concert an annual event. (Metal and screamo fans rejoice.)

The event is an all ages show with no alcohol being served and is planned for Nose Creek Park- but if it rains they will be moving into the museum.

For more information or to get tickets you can visit their event page on facebook by clicking here.

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