Joko Band1 credit Derek CraddockThe Joko Band (Photo Courtesy: Derek Craddock)

For AJ Kolankowski and his sister Renee, the passion for music is one that's never left their homes or their hearts.

The brother-sister pair form the musical duo known as The Joko Band.

To say that music is in their blood, is an understatement as these two come from a very strong musical family dating back generations.

Their style of music is a unique blend of folk with one major difference.

AJ refers to that as "music and a message".

An avid songwriter, AJ says that the purpose behind their music is to inspire change for those listening, with an encouragement to find you dream, go for it and never give up.

The duo will be bringing their musical message to Good Earth Cafe on Saturday, August 15th.

They will be performing some of their songs as well as recording a live album.

That event starts at 7pm and is open to the public.

One of the songs that Joko Band will be performing features their biggest inspirational message, "Keep filling your heads with those big dreams."

AJ and Renee had the chance to vist the AIR morning show and perform that musical piece live in studio.

To find more on this local group you can visit their official website.

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