SLAM 2014 Jesse Robbins photo kevin wallace

The evening of Friday, January 30 in the AIR 1061 studio was no ordinary evening at all. The afternoon drive show was transformed into one giant brainstorm with a little help from some of Airdrie's own local artistic talent. Jesse Robbins, Brad Fleischer and many more joined us for the show to discuss the essence of art...



Here are some tips and strategies from real artists to help make your next creative session one to remember.

Jesse Robbins on art and the creative process:



Brad Fleischer on getting in the mood:



Now, it wouldn't have be much of a show without some live, local so music so we asked our two featured guests (ever so nicely) to break out the acoustic guitars and lay down the rock n roll!

Jess Robbins - Wagon Wheel


Brad Fleishcer - One More Time



Last, but not least, we had to get our artistic guests thinking on the spot so we ran some.... creativity tests. Hilarity ensued.

"Complete the Sentence"


"The Word Association Game"

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