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Yesterday we talked about doing a freewrite exercise in order to get those ideas out of your head and onto a piece of paper. You were left with a big mess with a lot of highlighted sentances on it. Not much good to you at this point, right? Well let's turn that around then, shall we?

Now that you've picked your favourite sentances from your free writing exercise and moved them to new fresh sheet of paper, try your best to organize them into a would-be chorus for the song. Even if the lines don't ryhme or just don't make any sense at all, it's okay, because soon we will be taking a knife to them and carving out something great!

But first! Get those sentances and favourite lines in the best order you can.... Got em? Good.


Now we start going "between the lines" so to speak. Here are the elements we will use to craft our Chorus:

Structure - What order are things in and how we build and re-build lines to help them flow naturally

Rhymes - No need to go overboard, but a well places ryhme here or there can really bring things to life!

The Meat - What is this song about and how do these lines support our rhymes and our hook?

The Hook - The best, and catchiest line of the Chorus (usually comes last)



Use these elements to start bulding your song, and along the way, don't be afraid to rewrite lines too if need be!

For example, in my song about my love for French Toast:


"Behind those crusty curves

I know you've got the cure

Maple Syrup so delicious, toasty and golden brown..."


These are my lines unchanged. Something strange there right? It starts out okay, but that last line is a little awkward. So... CHANGE IT!

How about this:


"Behind those crusty curves

I know you've got the cure

You've got the maple syrup key to my heart..."



Good start, but still needs some flare. Ryhmes will make things much more exciting. Originally my next two uneditied lines didn't ryhme:


"Your scent is so delicious

I'm getting hungry thinking about you"


No good. How about this...


"Your scent is so delicious

No need to get suspicious...."


There we are! A ryhme..... about toast.


Try to bring everything to a conclusion, exemplify the reason you are singing in the first place. This is the hook, the most important part. This is what people get stuck in their head and remember....

...But I'm going to lave that up to you. Try some different rhymes, try to summarize what you are feeling in your hook, but whatever you do... make it catchy!

Before you know it, you're going to have the perfect Chorus. Don't be afraid to chip away at your song, to take a break and come back later with a fresh mind. Once you have the Chorus locked down it's all about writing verses to surround it. You'll find that if you have a solid idea for a Chorus writing the rest of the song will come a lot easier, because everything you do ties back to the Chorus.

Play with different elements like rhyme and structure and see what you can do. Good luck! is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.